Versolsolar new tracker once again appeared in the United States SPI exhibition 2016

source:release time:2016-09-13

Show Name: 2016 American SPI Exhibition

Show time: September 20-16, 13-15

Show Address: Las Vegas, USA

From September 13 to September 15, the annual US PV event Solar Power International Las Vegas Grand opening in Las Vegas, as the only Asian region into the US market tracker manufacturers, Versolsolar, of course not Missing this show, SPI in the display of its 2016 Versolsolar the latest generation of tracking system, the tracking system set easy to install, reliable performance and other advantages, is the world's most mainstream tracking system, one of the best design.

At the beginning of this year, Versolsolar signed a 200MW order, and now the first 7MW project has been successfully completed in Texas, the rest of the projects are also being launched in the major US states.

As we all know, the United States is the tracker and the entire solar energy industry in the most professional market, the US customer product quality and reliability requirements are almost harsh. Before we entered the United States, the United States market all trackers are from Europe or the United States, and even now, Versolsolar is still the only one in the US market is not from Europe or from the United States tracker manufacturers.

Versolsolar tracker is currently the only one into the US market by Chinese engineers in China designed and manufactured tracking system, the tracker at the top of the world, we can proudly shouted "We are made in China."