Yuhang TV Station Interviewed Versolsolar

source:release time:2016-08-06

With the continuous deepening of scientific and technological innovation and development, Yuhang science and Technology Bureau to support and encourage enterprises to use scientific and technological innovation. Versolsolar Technology in July of this year in the district science and Technology Bureau of guidance and counseling, smoothly for the innovation voucher funds, in August 16th, Yuhang radio and television on the matter of Versolsolar interviewed reported that Versolsolar chairman Zhu Jianjing, executive vice president Zhao Wanjin accompanied the investigation.

First of all, for a group interview on the situation of the company to the general understanding, then they focus on a tour of the entire production process, Versolsolar technology factories and the environment around the enterprise equipment construction, in an interview with Versolsolar first domestic solar self powered power plant curtain board focuses on the Versolsolar flagship product tracking system. The tracking system, is a new generation of solar PV system, which uses a set of mechanical structure and electrical control system for photovoltaic components continue to face the sun light, so as to maximize power generation power plant.

Versolsolar is currently on the market only for Asia tracker manufacturer Chinese tracker required certification in North America.

The following is a live interview with photos.