Continue to lead, Baicheng 100 mw PV leading base project successfully combined to the grid power generation!
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The leading Baicheng PV project  is located in Baicheng City, Jilin Province, in a high latitude, high wind pressure and severe cold region, it is a saline and alkaline land with flat terrain, and the total installed capacity of the project is 100MW. Versol successfully won the bid for 28MW PV sysyem in May, and began to supply in early June. The project started in mid-June. On December 20, full-capacity grid-combined power generation was successfully completed.

This project is one of the third batch of PV power application leading base projects in China. Following Sihong 100MW optical leader project successfully combined to the grid in September, the successful interconnection of the Baicheng Leader project can be described as a tiger with wings added, continuously establishing the leading position of Versol in the PV field!

  • Tracking sysytem (10° tilt single axis)

According to the characteristics of high wind pressure in the base, the short-axis scheme was adopted, and various conditions and price factors such as latitude, product maturity, operation and maintenance failure rate and land area limitation were taken into comprehensive consideration. Finally, the 10° tilt single axis scheme was selected;


 High strength steel and aluminium components - Economic and efficient

● Preinstalled construction - Quick Install

● Wireless controller - Easy to monitor

● Changeover drive design - Irregular terrain

● PLC control system - Stable and reliable 


  • Power generation on board, farming under board

The leading project of Baicheng adopts the operation mechanism of "breeding base + pv power generation". Photovoltaic power stations are built on the top and planted and cultivated on the bottom to realize the light complementing of agriculture and animal husbandry and improve the utilization rate of land. According to the sustainable development strategy of modern agriculture in Baicheng, the park will be built into a photovoltaic agricultural demonstration park integrating the functions of creative agriculture and horticulture display, so as to promote the development of local agriculture and animal husbandry, increase farmers' income, and achieve remarkable ecological and social and economic benefits.


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