Versol assisted Jiangsu Electric Power Co., LTD, a subsidiary of State Power Investment Group to complete the Sihong "Pacemaker" PV project
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  • As a Chinese poem goes, there is "Jia yu" in the south. Sihong 100MW "pacemaker" PV project, located in Sihong County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of about 2,137,333 sq.m and took 122 days to build. It was successfully combined to the grid for power generation on September 30, 2018. It is one of the first projects combined to the grid among the 50 projects in the same section of 10 bases of the third batch of PV application pacemakers in China, and the pacemaker among the "pacemakers".

The PV power station of the base adopts the development mode of "complementary fishing light", combines in-depth development with scientific development, truly achieves the simultaneous development of "big fish" and "small fish", and creates a first-class national photovoltaic power generation application base integrating photovoltaic advanced technology demonstration, characteristic fishery breeding and ecological tourism.

Be Happy with the sage - Versol won the bid for the third batch of national leader base project of State Power Investment Group, under the joint efforts of many participants such as State Power Investment Group, Versol and so on, after four months of hard struggle, has always led the national 10 bases of 50 with the "pacemaker" project. 

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